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Nam Viet Corp was established with the mission and unlimited inspiration which are aiming for creating masterpieces of light for architecture. Our target is to bring out the best of living, working and resting space of people with the beauty and the cozy of lighting. This is proud to be our principal thought out many years which help us bring to our customers the best lighting values.


We have been in the industry since the first days of Vietnamese lighting. We have followed along the way from the filament light bulb to bigger achievements such as Halogen lamps, Sodium lamps, Metal Halide lamps and LED technology... We changed and updated to catch up with the development of the lighting industry not only to fulfill the market needs but also carried out the optimal experience for each space. 

From factories, offices, or commercial centers, from homes to school grounds, hospitals, parks or public areas. Buildings need lighting solutions to serve living standards. Natural light provides many physical & mental health, especially to our circadian rhythms. Understanding the important concept of light, Nam Viet accompanies prestigious domestic and foreign lighting corporations to build and provide appropriate lighting solutions, bringing many values with the slogan "Sense of light" to its customers. 

Nam Viet and partners always update lighting trends as well as sustainable lighting design ideas to support the common life of the future, contribute to the protection of the living environment, and collaborate on operational efficiency of business or companies, contributing to creating artistic value for works, projects... thereby, forming credibility for our lighting solutions as well as our products in the Vietnamese market. 

In every RMIT learning space, or the lighting assistance in the operating rooms of City International Hospital, or simply every bottle of Heineken beer, every box of Nestle Milo milk, every can of Cola, Pepsi… you will delighting to know that we have contributed to providing lighting solutions for these buildings. 

With Nam Viet, the first thing – or the biggest concern in all the solutions and products we provide is the value that we can bring to our customers through light. 

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Nam Viet's lighting solutions improve workplaces, public and living spaces. We provide the most advisable and quality products, leading to a comfier life. Furthermore, Nam Viet helps businesses save more energy and (thus) motivate people to work with higher productivity. Moreover, it also contributes to the sustainable development of the world. 





Like a farmer taking care of a tree from seeding to harvest, at Nam Viet, we follow and help out all our customers and constructions from the first idea day till the finish. A tree cannot grow up without light and your problems are the same, let us be the one that provides suitable solutions. 

The seeding process will take you through the idea and planning phase. Our consulting department will guide you to the most suitable solutions that fit in your idea of lighting design in each construction function as landscape, architecture, interior, factory, building, façade, landscape, indoor, infrastructure, underwater, decorative … 

The growing trees present our work with suppliers to find out the ideal solutions for your needs. We put every problem on the table, not only fitting your budget and choosing the right function for your constructions but also meeting the design idea and making sure of safety and quality issues. Nam Viet has cooperated with reputational suppliers that had many years of experience in the lighting industry with a wide range of products for any requirement. 

To make sure that our solutions about products meet the idea of lighting design, our technical experts alongside with the constructors are going to work together to complete the setup solutions such as control principal, power/signal wiring diagram and product installation detail. This is the same as the blooming time of our tree. People can see and enjoy the first achievement of the process. 

After all the time and many steps in the process, our trees are finally producing fruit. The project is finally completed under the support and cooperation of all partners followed by the investor’s needs. With all the enthusiasm and responsibility, together, customers can enjoy the fruits of our labors. 

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