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Portraits of light are more diverse in the hospitality and entertainment industry. Lighting has the task of increasing the experience of user according to the standard of enjoying life. From the design stage to the finished product experience, interfering with the spatial architecture, all meet the comfort of customers - an unforgettable mark when setting foot in any top luxury resort. 


Lighting is an art, and providing lighting solutions is an artist. As a role of a true artist, we cooperate with consultants, suppliers, builders... to bring to our customers the most perfect works of art. Here, customers, users / beneficiaries will experience the best living space; where lighting makes a difference, the highlight of the project and make it perfectly balanced.


Light is invisible and intangible, however light can be felt through reflection on a surface, an object whereas the shape of light is the image of the object. Exquisitely, just a small line of light shining through can demonstrate the fanciful beauty with flexible architectural lines. Therefore, light depends a lot on the object and the perceiver, the close connection between light and architecture can enhance the peak aesthetic value of every building. 


Following the aesthetic aspect, the lighting solution has been leveled up. The case of brilliance for museums: sometimes theorizing of lighting layouts is a must, but reaching the hearts of art lovers is challenging - it takes creativity out of the box. The arrangement of lighting for the statue (from bottom up, top down...) needs to be calculated and studied carefully to display the inherent spirit of the sculpture. Or how the shine needs to highlight all the oil painting, the beauty which the artist has worked hard to convey. 

Talking about the living space, the ideal lighting solution is to bring the feeling of a cozy home - a relaxing place, returning after a long tiring day of work. Luminous can bring you a romantic atmosphere, highlight your glamor interior products & create a harmonious and sophisticated living space. 

Nowadays, besides giving solutions, at Nam Viet we care about your experience in products. We use indirect light sources, anti-glare lamps to help the eyes rest and relax in a wonderful space. That is the goal we aim for - bringing comfort in light. 

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