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Factories, enterprises, and business owners have a lot of concerns about facilities and finances. For this reason, the problem that needs to be solved is to meet the activities of the business: the goal of high productivity with effective financial indicators. Besides professional lighting solutions, Navitek also provides energy-saving equipment, accompanying partners for sustainable growth. 

Car Factory

Business Activities are always the top concern of every company, not to mention the cost problem. So how to optimize costs in controlling and managing business operations? 

By choosing the suitable lighting solution, we have contributed to the success of the works and cost effectively. In the process of renovating the showroom display Ferrari Classiche in 2013, the lighting design from the Zumtobel Lighting brand - belonging to Zumtobel Group, a strategic partner of Nam Viet co. - not only saving energy, reducing CO2 emissions but it also supports the efficiency of employee productivity. As compared to halogen lamps, LED TECTON lighting consumes less than 55% of electricity but provides double the glowing performance. LUXMATE PROFESSIONAL lighting management system provides daylight-linked control. Thanks to the combination of modern LED lighting technology and smart management, the electricity consumption in the hall can be reduced by 79% compared to the one before the renovation. 

The LEDs are dimmable to suit different activities and time of day. Therefore, using this technology in the showroom helps the space become extensible and trendy. From repairs to conversions or retrofits, from customer receptions to car giveaway events: The four-meter-high hall combines multiple uses under one roof. The LEDs are dimmable to suit different activities and time of day. Therefore, using this technology in the showroom helps the space become extensible and trendy. From repairs to conversions or retrofits, from customer receptions to car giveaway events: The four-meter-high hall combines multiple uses under one roof. Niccolò Zilioli - Lighting consultant at Zumtobel Italy said: "The employees of the Ferrari Classiche carry out the manual work with precision down to the smallest detail. The visual requirements are very high." This shows that lighting is an important element in the effectiveness of the business, helping to limit errors and wastes in the working process. 

With modern technology, lamp durability can overcome previous failures as well as save costs and related maintenance work. Risks such as occupational safety due to repair and replacement of damaged equipment are significantly reduced. Furthermore, the key factor for business production is to minimize the downtime to replace or repair the lighting system - one of the important components in production. 

To ensure safety, luminaires are dustproof, waterproof (IP), in accordance with recommended industry standards. The emergency lighting system is effectively integrated in the general core to help the system in the workshop to not be turned off in case of power failure during the event. 

In Vietnam, we have accompanied business with efficient work thanks to our productivity lighting solutions: Masan factory chain, Huhtamaki factory, Schaeffler factory, etc... Best performance must mention of our saving operating costs. 

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For what we mentioned above, Nam Viet had brought the magnificent result to customers: With only 1 line of LED lights for the factory, the investor saved more than 30,000USD in within 5 years of use. 

The advent of LED lighting technology has brought people many conveniences, the application of lighting to living, working and resting spaces is becoming more and more popular. 

Warm light during morning and evening promotes health and relaxation, whilst blue-white for morning and midday can positively support human circadian rhythms. 

A few basic operations to adjust the color temperature of lights in working, studying and living space based on the color of natural light outdoors can help increase working productivity. Artificial light but optimally simulates the perception of nature, brings even more functions to help people relax in a comfortable light space, reduce stress and increase work efficiency. 

Applying technology to other areas such as agriculture also creates many values. For example, we can mention plants in homes, offices, basements or buildings, etc. is the current trend. But growing trees in places without sunlight brings up many difficulties. With updated LED tech, it is possible to use blue-white light for photosynthesis for leaves or warm light (<2400K) to stimulate plant growth. It is programmed with different colors at multiple times of the day to ensure the best care for plants. Moreover, programming the intensity also helps us control the growth rate. 

Lighting in agriculture helps to increase crop yield, affects metabolism, growth and development of seedings. Adenophora triphylla (Thunb.) A.DC., a well-known medicinal herb, has been reported to have protected effects against obesity, cancer and inflammation in humans. Complementary lighting is a practical strategy to improve crop quality, especially at the propagation stage. In this study, seedlings were grown in a greenhouse for four weeks under average daily light intensity from the sun and supplements; illumination (16 hours per day) provided by luminaries such as: high pressure sodium (HPS), metal halide (MH), white LED technology (red:green:blue = 2:4:3, LED-w) or mixed (red:green:blue = 4:1:4) LED (LED-mix). The result whoed that LED-mix, white higher ratio of red and green scheme, significantly promoted seedling growth compared with other methods by increasing stem diameter, biomass, specific leaf weight and root-to-bud ratio. LED-mix also promotes accumulation of soluble sugars, starch and chlorophyll in tissues and increases total phenol and flavonoid content. Furthermore, the stomatal density and stomatal area per leaf area(s.p.l.) in LED-mix were significantly larger than in other treatments. 

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One of the partners that we have accompanied in providing suitable lighting solutions to increase productivity in Vietnam is CP Bac Lieu and Ben Tre Shrimp Factory. The application of LED technology with 4000K color temperature for the area of algae farming - shrimp food - has been verified by the factory's experts that the algae yield is more developed than other lighting methods, helping to increase the yield of their shrimp. 

We believe that adaptability, cost savings, reliability and increased productivity are the keys to the further growth of businesses. 

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