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The future of civilization is towards the definition of truth - beauty - goodness. Today's construction projects are always development-oriented - adding value over time. Therefore, our lighting solutions help increase new value for our customers & stay ahead of the latest technology from suppliers. 

Digital Gadget

What seems to be the witness of the speed of development of human civilization is great lighting works. Nam Viet's illuminated solutions contribute to the outstanding leaps of people in future. 

History of the lighting industry is a testament to human creativity & survival. From the time when people used fire to brighten up and candles were considered to mark the turning point of the unit for measuring light. To light up a space, people tend to rely on the number of candles. 

The great turning point of the industry was the first electric lighting idea created by scientist Thomas Edison - with the invention of using incandescent lamps to convert light. Starting from that moment on, scientists have been constantly searching to create more perfect light sources. 

Following that period of development is the introduction of fluorescent, high-pressure lamp and LED technology. Systems using LED tech are being considered as the light source of the future, thanks to their long lifespan and ability to save energy and be environmentally friendly. Thus, we can see that the invention of illuminated solutions has contributed greatly to the progress of society. 

By time it evolved, one of the advancements of this industry along with the progress of the future is a smart lighting system. Digital-based technology meets requirements and is highly energy efficient. This is accomplished by the use of systems that automatically adjust brightness based on external environmental conditions. You can easily adjust the light according to your area function and preferences: Turn on/off in the presence of people, automatically dimming when not in use or to meet certain functional requirements, or even the combination of the Internet of Things (IoT). 


For the field of Modern Office Architecture: Modern workspaces also require new concerns including user-centricity, digital networking, maximum flexibility and efficient use of electric resources. In the context of increasing energy costs, using it effectively becomes important for the buildings. In the future, the Internet of Things (IoT) will enable a digitized work environment, with many added values for those who work: from preparing coworking spaces to meeting room or mobile office accessories such as projectors, smart applications will allow the work environment to be both monitored and improved. Thus, it will always save up all the information and needs of the user. 

In education, using light to re-describe the world, nature and the process of forming the universe has no longer been astonished. Approaching the world by lighting will make it one of the powerful tools for the understanding of future generations. Housing sector, a smart home is where all devices are connected and controlled according to the owner's demands. The whole smart city towards efficient use of energy is a common development need of the world. 


In Vietnam, we have cooperated with project owners and consultants to provide illuminated solutions with smart lighting systems. By advising for reasonable use, at the right purpose, it actually helps saving energy: The Metropole Thu Thiem Building, RMIT University, … 

Nam Viet's mission is to create smart integrated living spaces for people in the future. In association with famous lighting brands, not only guides the future of lighting, but also facilitates the path to truly sustainable architecture. By that, we aim for the buildings which are able to save resources - something that following generations need to preserve and promote. 

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