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Sustainable over the years is one of Nam Viet top priority in terms of value. Only when projects are produced suitably for people can they be reviewed positively and used for a period of time. The solution goes hand in hand with timeless design, futuristic technology and easily reusable components. After all, the product of today is the raw material of tomorrow. In this sense, a sustainable building always acts as a temporary storehouse for the resources of future generations. 

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A valuable lighting work is towards the sustainable development of people and society. 

The construction of buildings is having a negative impact on the natural habitat, which leads to indirect causes of climate change and the future of humanity. Therefore, the need for sustainable growth in Vietnam in general, and the real estate construction industry in particular, is a matter of concern for most investors. Meeting green-building standards such as LEED (Gold, Silver, Platinum), Green Mark, Lotus... is one of the requirements of time. Green standards are born to link the benefits of social development with the living environment. 

Green building standards revolve around the use of energy, renewable, sustainable, and environmentally eco-materials, a combination of interior and natural light, etc. 

Artificial light is created to simulate the natural light source of the sun. It is designed and applied in houses, commercial centers, offices or any other building to meet human needs. Natural light is always changing and this has a big impact on luminous knowledge. Thanks to it, we are able to find out that light works on three levels: visual, emotional and biological. 

Human sustainability is the central value of our time, which also contributes significantly to increasing the value of a building. Relevant units of the general system of the towel benefit from the obvious economic and ecological advantages from the lighting concept: occupants can save on energy with smart solutions based on modern infrastructure. Operators and managers can optimally market, rent or sell sustainable places that are certified as energy efficient. 

Sustainable lighting is the key to a profitable future-oriented real estate strategy. 

With Nam Viet's solutions, we build a space for customers to feel, enjoy and mingle. 

Nam Viet always accompanies and creates sustainable constructions over time, using forward-looking technology with reusable components. Because we believe that today's products are tomorrow's raw materials. In this sense, a sustainable construction always acts as a temporary storehouse for the resources of future generations. 

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