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Investors wish to improve standards of living which ensures they keep going with the flows of the hustle and bustle pace of life. The importance of optimal lighting solutions for homes, schools, offices... is the priority. The living environment requires enough brightness for daily activities to reassure safety and spirit of mind. Materials of lighting products are various among recycled, renewable energy - clean and durable - with less waste, clean water or renewable water sources, and limited use of fossil energy. 

Protect natural living - Protect physical and mental health of human.

Surgical Lights

Lighting plays an important role in our lives, it not only serves in our daily activities such as walking, eating, relaxing or even working; but also affects our health and human circadian rhythms. Nowadays, when the life becomes increasingly enhancement, with the speed of social development, the use of light is eventually being more diverse in time.


Lighting in health science must require complex criteria: Physicians and medics need lighting to work accurately, especially in visualization tasks and surgery. 

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Recently, the virus broke out as an uncontrollable pandemic. It causes negative effects to tons of people, nearly everywhere on earth. The use of light with Ultraviolet (UV) wavelengths to filter the air indoors becomes a necessity. Lamps are designed with air convection, when placed in room, the air will be sucked in on one side and "filtered" by the UV light before being blown out at the other side. 

Even in our daily life, anti-glare lamps are essential in times of intense work. An indoor space where our eyes do not have to suffer uncomforts from luminaires. Only then our eyes are relaxed and rested. We call it the comfort in light. 


Appropriate and sustainable lighting solutions not only contribute to the protection of human growth and development, but also protect the surrounding, including the habitat of creatures in nature at night. 

Moreover, outdoor lighting solutions at night also enliven cities and parks, which improves traffic safety. By that, the occasion for outdoor activities will be increased, while minimizing concerns about safety of public places before dawn. A crucial factor for night lighting solutions is how to remain the beauty of nightfall but still bring up benefits to citizens. 

Understanding that, Nam Viet accompanies Zumtobel Group to bring out luminary solutions that are certified as safe for the environment by the International Dark-Sky Association. 


The more society develops, the more influential lighting has. Therefore, Nam Viet always develops its products - services to bring true value to the community, to protect and build our future. 

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